Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The First Time We Met

7 years ago on a summer afternoon, as I was walking down the hallway outside of the Langara College cafeteria, my cell phone rang and I picked up.

“What the hell are you doing on campus this time of the day?”
“Well I know I never stay on campus after class for the fact that I live right across the street from Langara, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t be around, could I?” I looked around trying to locate my friend
“I’m sitting in the cafeteria waiting for class to start, wanna come keep me company?”

I had nothing planned for the afternoon so I walked in to find my friend and saw that she was sitting with a guy chatting and laughing. And that’s the first time we met.

If someone asked me what my first impression on Roy was, I really wouldn’t know how to answer. Seriously, it’s been 7 years and it was definitely NOT love at first sight so I really couldn’t remember what my first impression was, but he, for sure was one of the few people that make me feel comfortable being around. It didn’t feel like the first time we met, that afternoon, it felt more like hanging out, chatting with an old friend that I’d known for a long time. Then just before they had to leave for class, he asked me for my phone number!

“Why do you need my number?” I asked in a somewhat defensive way.
“I just felt that you are a funny person and I think I would like to hang out with you some other time in the future, that’s all.”
I stared at him hard in the eyes and eventually gave in and gave him my number.

To be continue …

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  1. After getting her number, I finally called her .......6 months later !!!