Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Start of Our Friendship

Learning from his “mistake” Roy asked for my MSN account after lunch that day and since then we started talking on MSN once in a while. For the next few months, we hanged out with the same group of friends and at first, though we chatted and hanged out we still wasn’t that close until the May long weekend of 2005.

I remembered that that long weekend was the opening weekend of the last Star War movie and because everyone had already made plans but the two of us, we decided to go to the movies together. We spend the whole afternoon chatting while waiting in line for the movie (seriously, we waited for about 3 hours! And we weren’t even the first bunch in the line!), then after the movie we went for dinner and chatted some more.

Since that day, we became real close. We would see each other almost every other day and spend hours chatting over the phone, yet we were just still “close friends”.

That summer, he rushed home from work to be there on my 20th birthday, he was at my side when I was going through a bad break up, he drove me around looking at houses when my mom and step-dad moved to Vancouver, he made me smile again when my grandfather passed away. Roy was (and still is) a caring and supportive friend.

To be continue …

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