Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sparks & The Beginning

It was not until one day when we went on a “date” that I started to think about our “relationship”. One summer afternoon back in 2003, after that one time we went to Star Wars, we quickly made plans to go see another movie together. At first it was just a simple plan to go out to a movie then dinner after a game of basketball, but it turned out to be a date! Neither of us took the step forward to make the friendship into a relationship after that date because we didn’t know how the other feels and neither of us wanted to ruin our friendship. We continued to hang out and we stay close to each other but something had started to change between us – our feelings for one another. Then on June 23rd 2003, everything changed because of one kiss. Roy often said, things will never work out the way you hope if you didn’t even try and so he kissed me, and it worked out just as he hope it would. Thinking back, I am very glad that he had the courage to do what he did, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be marrying my best friend six years and nine months later. We’ve gone through ups and downs in our relationship plus two break ups, but each step we took we grew closer and closer to one another and I just can’t wait to finally be Husband & Wife.

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