Friday, July 01, 2011

DIY Flower Part 1

So to save money on flowers, I've decided to make my own flower and centerpieces. And here is how I make it happen. This DIY flower inspiration came from Martha Stewart Weddings. The difference between Martha's and mine is I made them with fabrics and Martha used scarp booking papers.

So you will need: fabric or paper of you choice, fabric stiffener, scissors, ruler, pencil, a brush (to apply the stiffener, a nice smooth surface or tray to apply the stiffener onto.

the prep part
1) pour the stiffener into a container so it's easier to brush it onto the fabric
2) lay the fabric on the smooth surface. (I used a plastic place mat)
3) apply the fabric stiffener onto the fabric using a brush. make sure it's not too much otherwise it will be very stiff
4) depending on your stiffener, it might take up to a couple of hours for the fabric to dry

5) after the fabric is dry, use the pencil and ruler to mark as much 1 1/2"x2" strips as possible
6) after you cut out all the strips, round out the corners to make it look more like a petal

the making part
7) for this part of the project you will need a glue gun, many petals, and some bamboo sticks
8) use the glue gun and apply some glue on the corner of the first petal

9) place the bamboo stick on the part where you applied glue and the roll the petal along the long side

10) apply some more glue on the tip of the second petal and stick it onto the first petal on the side or however way you like

11) continue alternating the petals until you get a full flower you desire. here i used about 10-14 petals in total

12) pull a whole bunch of flower together in a gar and you will get this beautiful centerpieces ^^

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