Sunday, October 30, 2011

Color, color

found another very pretty inspiration board from Elizabeth Ann Designs. full of color that i love - tiffany and lemon. especially love the cake - just the way i wanted my cake to be - simple.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


i am not a big accessory person, never have been. every thing that i had or am wearing usually stay where they were until something new, something more meaningful come and replace them. on my left wrist, i've got a conversation starting bracelet, for the past 8 years i never took it off. it is a meaningful bracelet with a touching quote, it reminds me of my family in Idaho. the ring on my right middle finger was a promise, a promise that lead to the rock on my left ring finger and the happily ever after of my future. Necklace and earrings are probably the two things that i changed the most but still the necklace i have on now have been there for almost 2 years.
so when it comes to accessorizing myself for my wedding, it was really hard; cause i want to wear something that not only look nice, but also unique and meaningful to me. at first i had my heart set on a seal from Pyrrha but every time i go to look at that seal, something just doesn’t feel right. then as I was browsing through wedding blogs one day, i found this amazing custom handmade jewelry designer: Lisa Lenoard Design and found the right piece for me and my sisters. and of cause, they were customized by me ^^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 more to go!

this past couple of months have got to be the busiest months that have ever been in my entire life. in august I started a new job while took on extra shifts at my part time job to help coverage. september, school started again and yet i continued working in a total of 70 hours per week on top of school. now it's almost the end of october and here i am sitting in front of the computer at work trying to catch up with my wedding planning updates. i am so glad and blessed to have found this great part time job at which i get to do what ever i want when work is slow (like now) and still get paid! anyhow, i promise i will update more when i'm finally down with only one full time and one part time job and when it's break from school.

but now lets take a look at what kind of dress i've picked for my sisters for their bridesmaid dress - Crinkled Confection Dress from i've been eyeing this dress since the summer and it was finally available for purchase on thanksgiving day. thank god for the email notification and i bought it right away, because just a couple of hours after my purchase, the sizes i needed were all gone and the next day they were all sold out.

before i decided to buy this dress, i weight out many option on bridesmaid dresses. at first i was determined to find dresses in the right shade of blue that matches my wedding color. proven that was impossible, i though i would let my sisters choose the dress style they like and then go buy the fabric and have someone custom made the dresses for me, but then that could cost me at least $300 per dress, so that's $600 at least, and so that's not going to happen either. Then after much research through the wedding blogs that i follow, i found the website and there i found lots of really nice dresses that are very affordable. so in the end, i found this simple and natural toned dress and used the money that i saved and got some jewelleries for myself and my sisters too. i'm will also handmade them each a blue flower, the same one i made for my own head piece but in a smaller scale, to accessorize the dress and to match the color theme of the wedding too! stay tune for the DIY post of this blue flower of mine ^^