Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Signs

this is yet another DIY post of something that i've made for the wedding. this time it's all about the signs. signs can be used as a part of decoration, or it could simply use as a "sign". i've made about three of these for my wedding, two of which are more for photography purposes and one is more for decoration. and here's how it's done.

first you'll need all the supplies: fabric (i've got the blue for the backing and the white for the letters), iron-on adhesive and an iron also a template, some thread and needle, a hole punch, siccors, farbic cutter, pins, and fabric stiffener the first step is to iron on the adhesive to the back side of the farbic. make sure you follow the instructions of the adhesive's packing and don't over heat it. once the adhesive is cool, iron both sides of the fabric together so there is no wrong side of the flags (this is important if you are only making garlands and not message flags). the next step is to use the template, a ruler and a fabric cutter to cut out the flags. like this! then, if you would like your flags to be nice and stiff, apply some fabric stiffener and let em' dry while waiting for your flags to dry, print out some letters for your message (i chose THANK YOU for mine here) iron on some adhesive onto the white fabric then use the letter template as a trace and cut them out individually like this once the flags are dried, iron them again on low-medium heat to get all the wrinkles out, if there’s any. Then peel the paper backing of the adhesives off the letters you just cut out, position the letter however you like it on the flag and iron the letter on with medium heat Once you’re done with all the letters then you can start punching holes. for this project, i’ve used a single handheld vertical hole punch. if you are using paper instead, regular hole punch would work just fine. punchin’ done punchin'! the last step is to sew the flags together. i used baker’s twine for this project to add more color. and done! Thank you for reading!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roy's Boutonniere

when i planned to DIY my wedding flowers, i found a couple of sites that has tutorials on fabric boutonnieres and here are two that i found most easy to follow ... one's from once wed and the other is from sew mama sew. so i spend sometime this afternoon and did a trial run with roy's boutonniere and here's a picture of it ... i like it but i think i might try again if i have time and see if i can make it look even better.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

DIY Cufflinks

when we were out looking for roy's outfit about a month ago, we couldn't find any cuff links we liked so i decided to make him a special pair for our special day. found this site when i googled DIY cuff links and it was awesome. tried it last night and took me about an hour and half, waited for 24 hours to let it dry and got it right the first time ... so happy

the two characters on the cuff links are the characters for roy's chinese first name ... means sunrise

Head Piece DIY Tutorial

so here is how it was done

1) gather the fabric that you will need.
i used a fabric that is 100% bamboo, i just so happened
to found it when i was looking for material and it was
great for this project so i'm pleased.2) then apply fabric stiffener on to the fabric. the more
you put onto the fabric the stiffer it gets and you want
it to be stiff!3) wait for a few hours or even over night to let the fabric
to dry. if the fabric gets wrinkly as it dry, you can always
iron it nice and flat when it's dried. cut the fabric into
smaller squares: 5", 4", 3" etc. the number of squares
you need depends on how "full" you want your flower
to be, the more layers (squares) the fuller.4) like this. 5) you will also need some tulle. same color or in different
color is more personal preference. i used same color here.
so after you cut out the fabric into squares, cut the same
amount of square tulle as well. 6) fold the squares in half 7) then fold in half again 8) then fold in half again to make this small triangle 9) cut the top of the triangle and make it nice and round 10) finally all done with the cutting! 11) unfold the squares and you will find a nice flower petal 12) stack the petals up. interchanging the fabric and the tulle
and then thread it through the middle 13) add some pearl beads to the middle of the flower
14) scrunch the petals up a bit 15) and here you go! ta-da!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Head Piece

a sneak peak on my head piece. stay tune for the DIY post on how it's done ... coming soon