Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wedding Blogs

when i first started planning my wedding, i really had not clue where to start and what to look for. friend of mine who just gotten married a year ago gave my tons of her old wedding magazine to get me started and i also bought myself a few that is more up-to-dated. but really it wasnt much you can get in those magazine. most of the pages were filled with ads for photography and wedding gowns and only a small portion of the magazine was filled with ideas and insprations. that's when i turned online for more ideas.

there are many many blogs out there now that focus on weddings. some are better with more resources and ideas and they update almost daily. some other ones are more like a hobby of someone who loves weddings and fewer ideas are found and times between posts are further apart. below are a few of my favourite wedding blogs in the wedding blogging world. i've got lots of my ideas there and was inspired mostly on these sites. tho i dont read them daily, i usually read them all at once at the end of the week and i think i will continue on with reading more even after my wedding. hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

100 Layered Cake - Wedding Ideas & Tips

Elizabeth Anne Designs - Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Green Wedding Shoes - Wedding Trends for Stylish + Creative Brides

Love and Lavender

Style Me Pretty - The Ultimate Wedding Blog

The Sweetest Occasion - Celebration + Design

Monday, January 02, 2012

Ceremony Decor Inspiration

when roy and i first started planning our wedding, i took us really not time to figure out what our colors would be, but if you ask if we have a theme for our wedding ... um ... guess we really dont have a theme's theme other then the color scheme. other people who have a theme like "carnival", "whimsical", "romantic", "the 5o's" etc, it's easy to think of decorations because they can just decorate accordingly to their themes. but we only have a color scheme and not a theme that makes it really hard for me to decide what to do with decoration. then one day i decided (yeah, i just kinda decided on my own) that i like the idea of hanging garlands and using flags. it's easy enough for me to make and easy to transport. after that decision was made i had a clear mind of how i would like to decorate our wedding ceremony and found someone - Melissa + Chris (from green wedding shoes) - who had just the same thinking as i did! (well they still had a theme though but i guess their theme was hard to visualized at the ceremony coz they picked The Beatles to be their theme, so you can't quite tell what's their theme was just by looking at the picture). still have to talk to the venue and see if they would allow me to do somthing like Melissa and Chris, fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 01, 2012


if you are always looking for inspirations but dont have the time to make your own inspiration board. or if you are always looking for ideas and want to have just one place to keep them organized then Pinterest is what you are looking for.

i found Pinterest while reading one of my favorite wedding blogs a few months ago and have since been extremely addicted to it. you can find my page here. if you would like to join and start pinning just go the the home page and ask for an invite!

The Guest Book

more and more people now a days use different guest book at their weddings. some use the typical photo book, some use message tree or box, some ask people to sign around a poster size picture, some even use vintage type writers. if you are like me that love reading wedding blogs on a daily bases (well, i usually do my wedding blog marathon at work on the weekend and read all of the posts over the past week from a few of my favourite blogs in just a few hours). out of all the new and unique guest books, one is what is called a "finger print guest tree". basically it is a drawing of a tree only with its bare branches. then on the day of the event guests who attend the event are asked to "leaf" their finger print on the tree branches and sign their name on their leave. i know if i had a guest book for people to sign i might never again in my life take the guest book out and read it after the wedding, but if i have this "finger print tree" i could simply hang it up at home as a piece of art and look at it all the time. this idea of finger print guest book have became more and more popular in the wedding industry over this past year and hence created a lot of business opportunities for people who are creative. if you too are looking for a creative guest tree for your wedding or any family gathering event etc. Etsy is definitely a great place to go look for one. i found some on etsy that are really awesome but also quite expensive, so i when i decided to have a tree instead of a guest book, i added yet another DIY project on my plate.

this project was not an easy one, i tried many times and failed many (it took me six trial before i give up on hand writing our own names under the tree, six times! i hand drew this same tree six times and wasted six canvas panel!). i am no artist and am definitely not great at free hand drawing so this project did end up costing my more time and money than i had planned at first. but i made it happened and it turned out great, though it really doesnt look like a real tree compare to the one i found on Etsy it is our own unique tree and i'm very happy.

photo credit to bleudetoi