Monday, July 11, 2011

Engagement Photo Shoot Part 1 - Rocanini Coffee Roasters

we had this part of the photo shoot at a very unique coffee shop in the steveston area name "Rocanini Coffee Roasters". how did we end up at this location? well, one afternoon last month as i drove down to steveston to check out places where we can have our engagement, i drove past this coffee shop and as many of my friends know, i am completely addicted to coffee and how can one simply passes by such an cute coffee shop and not get a latte? so i went in, got a latte and two delicious cakes for afternoon tea (well i took the cakes with me to roy's office in richmond and shared with him, and so no, i did NOT eat two cakes on my own) and since i saw this place, i knew i had to have my engagement photos here and so on the day of the photo shoot, i asked Jamie to meet us there and there we were, taking some most gorgeous pictures i ever did see.

all images credit to Jamie Delaine Photography

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