Thursday, July 14, 2011

Engagement Photo Shoot Part 4 - Steveston Museum

I picked Steveston to be the location of our engagement photo shoot is because 1) it's kind of a place where is sentimental to us - six years ago, we "announced" our relationship by showing up hand-in-hand for the first time at a barbecue at Garry Point Park - which is just a few minutes walk from where we have the photo shoot; 2) it has the outdoor feel of Vancouver; 3) it has one of my favorite cafe - note here I am addicted to coffee and cannot function without it - Rocanini is modern and fun and unique which is kinda like us; and 4) Steveston has an old world charm with antique looking buildings and streets also another one of my love - Museum. I love going to museums, I could spend and had spend hours walking around in a museum. Walking around museums and looking at pictures and histories always make my wonder how would it be if we were living in the past. I dream as I walk, wonder as I read, fantasise as I am surrounded by antiques. I love going to museums, and so I picked this location. all images credited to Jamie Delain Photography

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