Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Perfect Dress

having the perfect wedding dress is every girls dream and though i have never been dreaming for my wedding since 5 years old, since i got engaged it was hard not to start dreaming of the perfect dress. and i am telling you, finding the perfect dress was HARD! so much harder than i thought it would be and who knows i could be so indecisive?!? silhouette wise, i knew that i would take a ball gown if not, at least an A-line dress because what girl doesnt like poof. of cause the pouffier the better. but more pouf means more materials and in the end it means more $$$$$$$$. so after endless hours of searching for the perfect dress I managed to narrow down to less than a dozen gowns and here they are, some long, some short, some white, some colored. which one do you think i like the most and which one do you see me walking down the aisle in? how much do you think i spend on my wedding dress in the end? take a guess and we will see who'd got it right and let me know why do you think i would be in the dress you pick!
(p.s. the ones who already know and have seen me in my dress (yes folks, i've got my dress already!), please do give out the answer, coz you wouldnt want to ruin the surprise would you?)

Sweet Pea by Ivy and Aster $$ Beverly Wood By Dolly Couture $

LZ3063 by Lazaro $$$$$$ Fiesole by Melissa Sweet $$$

Candy by Monique Lhuillier $$$$$ Nazaret by Aire Barcelona $$$

8501 Justin Alexander $$ Where the boys are by Matthew Christopher $$$$

Amelie by Amsale $$$$ Galina Exclusive at David Bridal $

Carina by Amsale $$$$

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