Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gift Tags

over this past year of "researching" on wedding blogs, i was inspired to have a DIY wedding with absolutely everything handmade by myself. hair piece, veil, decor, flowers, stationaries, everything were handmade. i started early, almost 10 months ago, i am almost done with all the bigger project - flowers and decor, and have recently moved onto smaller ones.

a couple of months ago, after spending over seven months of flower making, i decided it's time to take a break from the flowers and get started on other smaller projects - the favor gift tags. i like the idea of using vintage looking Manila tags and it certainly had been a hit in recent wedding trend. people use them for place cards, for their guest books, favor tags and such. i really like the idea, but i didn't want to be the same as everyone else - that is buying Manila tags, decorating them with Washi tapes, then stamp them with rubber stamp for your message. i want it to be personal, handwritten and unique. so i decided to make my very own Manila tags.

although i wanted my tag to be hand written, of cause i wasn't going to really hand write all of the tags myself. for one, i am pretty sure if i hand write them all, they will all look different, and two, i will probably mess up so much that i might need to write about a thousand of them to get a hundred.

few months before i started this project, i came a cross a blog by a girl name Elise Blaha that gave me some inspiration on to how to create these gift tags of mine. but i don't have a adobe photoshop at home and i woasn't going to spend hundreds of dollars for just one tiny little project so i came up with the idea of using a scanner, the adobe reader 9, the microsoft word, the PrtScn button and a basic photo editing software such as paint. some other supplies i also need are: cream color card stock, different sizes signiture marker, mt masking tapes, cutter, cutting mate, scissors and a hole punch.

first, like elise, i wrote my message randomly on the paper. then i scanned the image onto the computer as a pdf file and open it with adobe reader 9. then i highlight the images that i like, copy it and then paste it on to a new word doc. and finally play around with the arrangement and create my own design. after i figure out the how i would like me message to be, i zoomed in and made the image really big and click the PrtScn button to capture an image just like this then, paste the printed screen on to a simple photo editing software such as Paint and crop out the final image of the tag and paste it once again on a word doc. like thiscreate a table in the size of the tag that i like copy and paste the image of the tag onto all of the spaces, print it out onto a card stock paper, trim them, stick tape on them, and then hold punch them .... and there you go ... DIY Marina gift tags

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