Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Advice

read a real wedding story over at Green Wedding Shoes and at the end of the post the blogger asked what advice the new bride would give to those who are planning right now and i must say, it is one of the best advices i've seen/heard so far as i'm planning my wedding, and here it is:

Have fun, and remember to savor every single moment of the entire process! A wedding is not just one day. It starts with the proposal and spans over every second of planning, every moment of indecision over a detail, every victory over a project, and every minute of incredible joy up until you both collapse together at the end of the wedding day, exhausted and blissfully married. Up until that final day, focus on the things you have control over and learn to accept the things you don’t. On the wedding day itself, just dismiss all those what-if’s and could-have’s. Something is bound to go astray if not just a little; don’t let it bother you because in the end the only thing that matters is marrying the person you love. So relax, go with the flow, and celebrate every second. It really will be the best day of your life."

From Green Wedding Shoes a handmade michigan wedding by BreeAnn and Nik

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