Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Proposal

almost 2 years ago in late september 2009, roy surprised me by showing up and picked me up at work when he should have been back at UBC studying for his upcoming exam. we then went for grocery shopping and went back to his house for dinner. i usually kept my rings on my finger as i prepare for dinner (at that time i had two rings on each of my middle fingers, the one on my left hand is a custom ring with a seal that said "forget me not" and roy had the same seal as necklace, and the ring my right hand is a promise ring roy gave me after we got back together a year ago from that day), but because i had ground pork for one of my dish, i took both rings off and put them on the side table in roy's living room.

after about an hour of prepping and cooking, it was finally dinner time and not until half way through dinner i remembered that my rings were off and my hand suddenly felt naked! too tired to get up from my seat and walk over to the side table to get my rings so i asked roy to get them for me. at first he refused to get them for me but after a few minutes of whining roy gave in, but when he came back with my rings, they weren't the rings that i put down, it was a ring that i had been dreaming of for a long time - a diamond ring - the Tiffant Legacy from Tiffany & Co..

because roy could only fit a coffee table in his living/dinning room so we sat on the floor as we eat and so he was not on one knee as he said to me he had found the person who he would like to spend the rest of his life with and asked me if i would like to be that person. and to be honest, i think i must have sat there blanked for a good ten seconds or so after i saw the ring in his hand because all i had in my mind at the time was three words - OMG! but of cause i said yes in the end, otherwise we wouldn't have been planning this whole wedding today!

though it wasn't the most exciting proposal story, and it's probably wouldn't get much hoo and ahhh and awww's, and it was not how i had imagine it would have been. but it was the perfect little intimate proposal that's just perfect for us.

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