Saturday, May 07, 2011


After that brief encounter in the cafeteria, over the summer, we kept running into each other on campus. It was especially strange to me for not only I’ve never, ever in the three years of Langara had I ever run into anyone I know out of class time, but it was also strange that whenever we cross path, I was always running late for class or exam. So even though we sort of “see” each other a lot, our friendship did not bloom until much later.

After that summer in 2004, Roy was transferred to SFU and I continued on with my 2nd year in Langara. With no contact at all, half a year passed by and it was already 2005.

Then during the 04’-05’ Christmas break from school, we met again.

It was the day when I finally came out to lunch with Veronique, a girl friend of mine. We had planned to have lunch with just the two of us, but another friend of her at the time, who is now Veronique’s boyfriend and a friend of mine, Chris, insisted to tag along. Thinking back, I’m actually glad that Chris had came that day, because it was him who brought so many people into my life, and it was because of a phone call he made that we met again.

While having lunch, Chris asked if we had plans later for the afternoon and when either Veronique and I had anything in mind, Chris started calling people and making plans – for the rest of the day!

“Yo man! What you doing this afternoon?” Chris asked his friend on the other end.
“Nothing, just having lunch with Veronique and her friend by Cambie Bridge. You wanna join?”
“It’s okay la, you can just sit. We are going to karaoke after lunch.”
“You can sign half the time and the other half ask Ricky to come loh.”
“What friend? I don’t know, I just met her today, her name is Gloria, oh and she knows Connie too.”
“You know her? Oh that’s good. K, see you in half an hour then.”
Chris got off the phone and turned to us and said that a friend of his was coming to join us for lunch and then go karaoke after. Then he said that this friend of his, Roy, knows me!

I started thinking, “Roy? Do I know a ‘Roy’?” I really couldn’t figure out who this “Roy” was until he walked into the restaurant. And the first thing that I recall of him was, “the guy who got my number but never called!”

To be continue …

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